Five months after stepping down as manager of Spain due to personal reasons, Luis Enrique has on Tuesday November 19, 2019 been reinstated as the manager of La Roja!

Luis Enrique stepped down in June 19, 2019 following the illness of his little daughter Xana who sadly passed away in August.

Since then, Robert Moreno took over as Spain manager and has been with the team until today November 19, 2019.

Moreno has been Enrique’s assistant for nine years sticking with him through his spells at Roma, Celta Vigo, Barcelona and Spain before Enrique stepped down in June.

Roberto Moreno stated in September that he would stand aside and continue his former role as assistant manager should Enrique feel fit to return.

However, events haven’t gone as planned as Moreno has gone on to resign from the Spanish national team following Luis Enrique’s reappointment.

Moreno’s last match with Spain was on Monday November 19 beating Romania by five goals.

Robert Moreno has gotten La Roja a qualification ticket to EURO 2020 with two matches to play in the qualifiers.

Under his management, the team has enjoyed an unbeaten run winning seven games and picking up two draws with their last two matches being seven goals and five goals scored against Malta and Romania respectively.

Moreno on his take over in June was given a contract until after the European tournament but apparently that is no longer the case.

At the press conference announcing Enrique’s comeback to La Roja, the Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales stated ‘Today we can confirm that Luis Enrique will return to his position.

We have acted sincerely, we have not deceived anyone.

Everyone knew that if Luis Enrique wanted to come back, he had the doors open.

I have spoken to the captains and some players and explained everything to them. We have kept our promise’.

Enrique’s contract will continue to the Qatar world cup in 2022.

When Luis Enrique stepped down five months ago, we don’t think anyone felt he would be coming back anytime soon and neither did Robert Moreno.

Since the announcement came out, football fans have taken to social media to express their opinions on Enrique’s return.

While some fans are happy to have the Spaniard back in charge of the national team, some others feel that Roberto Moreno wasn’t given the best of treatment considering his impressive short spell with the team.

Well we actually feel that Roberto Moreno should have been allowed to take the national team for the remaining two EURO qualifiers and then hand over to Enrique before the summer tournament.

Maybe, just maybe Robert Moreno would have still been a part of the team.

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Was the timing right for Luis Enrique’s comeback?